São Paulo

BitSophia Tecnologia is a hardware and software research and development company for speech automation. Our mission is to make speech recognition and synthesis technologies more accessible to developers and designers in different areas: machinery and equipment automation, residential, commercial and industrial automation, software development, hobbyists and students.

BitSophia started its operations in October 2012 in São Paulo, Brazil, with the release of BitVoicer: the first PC software to provide speech recognition resources to the simplest 8-bit microcontrollers available in the market. Recently, thanks to the suggestions sent from our users around the world, BitSophia released BitVoicer Server: a completely redesigned version of BitVoicer that is capable of providing speech recognition and synthesis services to multiple devices simultaneously. Our next challenge is to create sensors that improve the audio quality used in speech recognition applications making speech automation more transparent and immersive in any environment.

Company Name: BitSophia Tecnologia Ltda - ME
CNPJ: 22.789.388/0001-94